Scaleauto Formula 90-97 Red 1990 #2 low nose

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Formula 90-97 Red 1990 #2 low nose

Reproduction of the 1990 #2 single seater. Completely finished (Ready To Run) with fantastic performance and ready to race with the best quality materials.

Main features:

– Very light and detailed body thickness, only 0.65mm
– Front axles adjustable in height.
– Reinforced ribs on the chassis.
– Optional 6-position suspension system for fixing the motor mount.
– Front and rear body height adjustment.
Technical specifications:
– New motor support in line offset -0.5 mm (SC-6523C).
– SC-0025b high torque and magnetic motor. 21,500 rpm.
– Guide SC-1608 with suspension system.
– Crown 26d in line with NEW light Ergal centering device with M2.5 fixing screw (SC-1112R).
– Nylon 10d pinion for smoother friction (SC-1010)
– 2.38mm x 55mm hardened steel shafts (SC-1211)
– Front lightened aluminum rim 14.0mm x 10mm with M2.5 screw (SC-4083F25)
– Rear lightened aluminum rim 14.0mm x 13mm with M2.5 screw (SC-4084F25)
– Front Grip Zero tire 18.0×10.0mm (SC-4762)
– Rear tire AS-25 Supergrip 20.0×13.00mm (SC-4763)


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