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Bestillingsvare, denne adapter tages kun hjem på bestilling samtidigt med acd 5L controlleren, skal den hjemtages alene pålægges ekstra fragtomkostninger kr. 130,- levering fra producent normalt ca. 1 uge.

Denne boks absorberer den spænding som sendes til transformatoren når man bremser med en acd controller.


What is the adapter for?
The ACD pro controller has an advanced braking behaviour. The braking takes place immediately while releasing the trigger. Due to the braking energy the voltage on some power supplies maybe temporary increase. The voltage display on the power supply fluctuate. Furthermore the braking efficiency will decrease a little.
Please read our FAQ file to learn more about this matter.
The adapter absorbs the braking energy which prevents the temporary voltage increase of the power source.
The connection is very simple. The adapter has 2 connectors (red and black) These connectors can be plugged in the power supply or into the red and black connectors of an ACD pro controller.
Connection of the adapter
The adapter must be connected to the red(+) and
black(-) connectors of the power supply or of the ACD
pro controller.
Simply plug the red connectors of the adapter to the red
connector of the controller or power supply. Plug also the
black connectors together.
Please do not forget to fix the adapter in a correct way.
Technical data:
Voltage 7..22V temporary up to 30V
Current Automatically set 0.5A Max
Wire length 25cm
Display LED. This LED is mainly off.
Dimensions 80x61x21
Important notes:
· Do not use more than one adapter at the same time. If you connect the adapter
on the power supply, there is no need to connect an other adapter to the ACD
pro. If the ACD pro has an adapter so there is no need for an adapter on the
power supply
· The LED on the adapter must stay of. This LED maybe flash while braking. This
LED go for a short while after switching the power on. If the LED will stay on for
more than 10 seconds then please disconnect the adapter. There must be
something wrong.
· Please use the adapter only for connection to regulated power supplies. Not
regulated power supplies can damage the adapter.


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